Funky Stuff - YEAH

I just had a one of these: Puple Plum Cosmo Vodka Cocktail thing

Eff the glass, drank mine outta the can.

Surprisingly alright considering it’s a cocktail in a can, but I don’t have the patience/ability/knowledge/storage space to have a fully stocked bar. So canned cocktail it is. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try the orange (yellow?) can lurking in the darkest recesses of my fridge.

But my rambling has reached peak proportions and so I will go to bed now having written rambling stories on my Legacy that I’ll reread and go “Ah what the hell was I thinking” and roll around on the floor a bit in dismay.

Omg. I’m still rambling.

Drunken nightblogging friends. It’s hard to stop.

Harder than just nightblogging.

I’m going to bed.




  1. secondmagpie said: haaaaah.